The MDG City Game took place on 3rd June in Poznań

Millennium Development Goals (MDG) City Game took place on Sunday June 3, 2012, it was organised by the local Aware&Fair project team in cooperation with the City Council of Poznań and Botanical Garden in Poznań.

The registration of teams which applied to take part in the MDG Urban Game started at 8.30 within the Botanical Garden in Poznań. The participants received special booklets „about a journey“ with 22 task to fulfil. 8 of them concerned Millennium Development Goals. At 9 o’clock sharp the registered teams begun to compete for the victory in the game.

8 goal walls which presented MDG were situated within the Botanical Garden. Each millennium goal was assigned to a separate task but at first one had to kick the ball to one of two holes situated in each goal. The tasks were as follows: to find food packaging – 1st goal; to perform a dialogue in foreign languages (Chewa language and Spanish) – 2nd goal; to perform „feminine“ and „masculine“ activities e.g. boys were carrying a basket with fruits on their heads, girls were fishing for paper fish – 3rd goal; to find first aid kid and medicament packaging hidden in bushes and formulate their ideas for achieving better health care for mothers – 4th and 5th goal; to do jigsaws illustrating environments were mosquitoes live – 6th goal; to use pan scales to balance water and waste paper – 7th goal and in the end, to take photographs of casual people met in the streets who hold a balloon with words „I support Fair Trade“. The other tasks concerned an expedition to Africa of a famous traveller Tadeusz Nowak who lives in Poznań and they required basic knowledge of geography and nature.

"I support Fair Trade" 

Numerous volunteers and … guests from Malawi, who visited Poznań at this time, helped to organised the game. Three best teams got prizes in the form of „Fair Trade coffers“ (full of Fair Trade titbits) and Fair Trade balls. The MDG game drew media’s attention and a national and local TV broadcasted extensive coverage of this event. All participants took part in the concert of ethnic music from Mexico.

  "Band from Mexico

"Fair Trade football ball"  "Wall Goal for MDG"

Translation: Joanna Brodowska and Maja