Ready, steady, GO!

On Monday, October 24th, at noon, the press conference announcing the participation of Poznań in the international Aware&Fair project took place at the fair trade friendly Cafe Misja. The press conference was accompanied by a stand in Poznań City Hall where one could buy and sample fair trade products.

The stand and the press conference, which were organized by the Poznań team of the Aware&Fair project, offered high-quality ecological products from tropical countries, short films, presentations explaining fair trade and the UN’s Millennium Development Goals as well as a friendly atmosphere. The conference was attended by: the head of the Environmental Protection Office Leszek Kurek, the representative of the Polish Fair Trade Association „The Third World and Us“ Tadeusz Makulski, as well as the members of the Local Project Group.

The variety of tea, coffee, cocoa products, dried fruit and many other products surprised the officials, journalists and Poznań residents who attended the event. The individuals and institutions who were interested in participating in the project got to know how volunteers, teachers, food trade and gastronomy representatives, schools and institutions could get involved.

„The goal of the event is simple: to say as much as possible about fair trade, global education and the Millennium Development Goals to everyone who will listen. It is necessary to take massive action, especially to raise awareness and spread knowledge about the role of fair trade as a form of developmental aid. But it won’t be possible without the support of local media and authorities,“ said the project coordinator Elżbieta Olędzka-Koprowska.

The stand with fair trade products was visited by many people: city hall clerks, who eagerly bought fair trade products, as well as Poznań residents, who expressed their happiness about the project and, more importantly, declared their support for the actions planned within Aware&Fair. The journalists‘ support and their high turnout for the press conference led to substantial coverage of the event.

All the people who participated in the event came to the conclusion that a similar meeting should take place again. It is likely that fair trade stands will be placed in the City Hall cyclically.