Fairtrade Geocaching

Shortly before Christmas, there was opportunity to go for a Fair Trade treasure hunt and get to know the many places in Hanover providing great Fair Trade products and related information. This geocaching treasure hunt is organised by the local radio station „radio leinehertz 106.5“ together with the  Agenda 21 – Office of the City of Hanover and „Geheimpunkt.de“.

The focus of this treasure hunt was the aware &fair-project, millennium development goals and Fair Trade. Five  teams participated and managed to solve the quizz within 2 hours, searching the city centre of Hanover for Fair Trade treasures,  with brainpower and GPS-support. Radio reporters accompanied the teams during the rally and reported live on Radio Leinehertz about their moves.

The rally ended in the Town Hall where Silvia Hesse, Head of the Agenda 21-Office welcomed the team with Fair Trade coffee and tea. And the teams agreed: this was a very informative and inspiring afternoon, and lots of fun!