The First Fair Trade Store in Poland Opened in Poznań

On St. Nikolas‘ Day, December 6th at 10 am, the first Fair Trade store in Poland was opened in Poznań at ul. Poznańska 25. The opening of the store took place as part of the international Aware&Fair project, which is run in Poland by the City of Poznań and the Polish Fair Trade Association. The store will serve as an information center for the project, which primarily aims to increase citizens and institutions‘ awareness of and support for the Millennium Development Goals and Fair Trade. The goal of Aware&Fair is also to enable Poznań to receive the honorary title of a Fair Trade Town.

On December 6th (between 10 am and 6 pm) in the first Polish Fair Trade Store located at ul. Poznańska 25 in Poznań, guests could sample and buy Fair Trade goods: delicious coffee, tea and other food products from developing countries. The store offers only products which are certified Fair Trade and meet the highest ecological standards. It is a place where you can buy various kinds of coffee, black and herbal tea, cocoa, grain products, dried fruit, nuts, honey, spices, sweets etc. The store is run by the Polish Fair Trade Organization, which is a public benefit organization as well as a certified Fair Trade organization.

The whole system of Fair Trade functions thanks to the support of conscious and responsible consumers who choose Fair Trade products when they do everyday shopping. The system is a space for dialogue with consumers, who are treated as important partners in increasing the awareness of and support for Fair Trade. The system includes the store in Poznań and about 2500 other Fair Trade stores in Europe, which are supported by over 100 thousand volunteers. Most of the stores belong to the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

The City of Poznań aims to receive the honorary title of a Fair Trade Town thanks to the participation in the „Aware&Fair“ project. The Fair Trade store in Poznań will serve as a project information center, where you will be able to obtain information on Fair Trade as well as on cooperation and volunteering opportunities.

Translated by: Krystyna Szurmańska