The first Fair trade School in the Czech Republic!

Masarykova School in Litomerice officially became the first Fair trade School in the Czech Republic on 9 February 2012. This international recognition means they have joined a large chain of schools around the world promoting social responsibility and recognizing the fate of hard working people and children of third world countries.

There was an official press conference at the European House in Prague on 9 February, where the Headmaster Karel Kynzl, Iveta Dragonova, the Project Coordinator and four pupils, members of the Steering Group for Fair trade in school, were awarded the certificate by the President of the Fair trade Association Czech Republic Tomas Bily. The public presentation was followed by interviews for various media and connected organizations.

In recognition of the schools achievement, the hard work and support of its pupils, the next day a second presentation was held at the school´s sports hall, this time in front of all 450 pupils, members of the Fair trade Association, guests from the Town Hall and National Czech Television. The program supported and demonstrated all the main principles of Fair trade and of all the incredible events that have led the school to this successful achievement in support of Fair trade. The culmination of work by the children to fully embrace the principles of Fair trade was evident in the performances which further reinforced there understanding.

All children feel responsible and very proud of their amazing achievement, especially the pupils of the Fairtrade Steering Group in school that has been promoting the main principals not only across the school but also further within the wider community. Such success, however, would not be possible without the support, understanding and contribution of the school´s management and Litomerice Town Hall, a partner of the International project Aware and Fair. Global issues, such as Fair trade, enhance children´s learning and have proven to be beneficial within school´s curriculum at all key stages.

Iveta Dragonova