The city of Poznan – the first Polish Fair Trade Town

The city of Poznan was running a Fair Trade campaign as a part of the Aware&Fair project. For the whole past year the local project group, supported by a group of volunteers, worked so that the criteria of a Fair Trade Town would be met. Poznan residents can already buy Fair Trade products in more than 50 stores, including chain stores (both nationwide and international chains). The number of places where Fair Trade products are available is constantly rising and it now includes more than 30 or so cafes and clubs.

Thanks to intensive educational activities (seminars, trainings, lectures) the principles of Fair Trade were presented to students of the Poznan University (e.g. of the Education Department) as well as to students of over twenty elementary and high schools. Employees of about a dozen eateries and retail outlets were introduced to these principles as well.

The aim of informational activities taken up as a part of the Fair Trade campaign (e.g. press briefings and conferences) was mainly to spread the knowledge about Fair Trade through the media. Reactions of the local press always exceeded our expectations!

Thanks to the funds received from the budget of the City of Poznan it was possible to prepare and launch a media campaign devoted to the Millennium Development Goals and the principles of Fair Trade. It had been broadcasted by PTV television channel and TOK FM radio station. On 6th of December 2011 the first Polish Fair Trade store was opened in Poznan in the cooperation with the Polish Fair Trade Association. In addition to offering a wide selection of products, it is the place where an Aware&Fair information stand is available to Poznan residents and grassroots organizations. At the beginning of this year (January 10th 2012) Poznan councilmen passed a resolution supporting the principles of Fair Trade as well as the city’s efforts to receive the title of a Fair Trade Town. The launch of the local Coordination Group was also prepared. The Coordination Group consists of representatives of colleges, non-governmental organizations and trade companies. Thanks to all mentioned above activities City of Poznan met all the criteria to join the honorable group of Fair Trade Towns.

On the first day of VI International Fair Trade Towns conference (which took  place on 10th  to 11th November this year in our city) during evening ceremony the Mayor of Poznan, Ryszard Grobelny received official Certificate for Poznan as the first Polish Fair Trade Town.