The City Goal-Wall Game serves the awareness raising in Miskolc

The Municipality of Miskolc organized  an interactive city goal wall game to promote the Millennium Development Goals and the Fair Trade Movement in the Sport hall of the Avasi High School on 3. December 2012.

In the lively game that involved nearly 200 students and their teachers, the participants roamed around the topics of the global social and environmental problems.From the preliminary presentation and screening they could learn that the United Nations formulated Millennium Development Goals for example in areas of poverty, education, health, child mortality, and aid.

The Fair Trade Movement encourages us to learn the third world’s social and production problems, the products coming from organic farms and are providing fair production conditions and prices for the producers.

The participating students could get acquainted with the MDG-s and Fair Trade related issues at 8 “stations” under various interactive games. For example from mixed products they had to select the Fair Trade qualified products, to identify the Fair trade teas from their scent, and they had some more exciting tasks.

Each station included a goal wall that were made by the students of the Eötvös, and the Gábor Áron High School. Into the holes of the goal walls – which are closely related to the MDG-s -the students could kick with balls from Pakistan, in this way they could get to know up close with the demanding Fair Trade product.

During the game the players could taste the tasty Fair Trade teas, chocolates, cakes.

At the end of the program the best teams won valuable Fair Trade products.

The local media (TV, newspapers) gave a detailed account of the event.