Seminar on Fair Trade for the public in Miskolc

Seminar participants

Many people don‘ t know that the average coffee, tea, rice cocoa or cotton based products, consumed in our country every day, go to the shopkeepers by polluting environment, child labor and exploitation of producers, who send them to the shops of developed countries with multiple extra profit.

The Fair Trade stimulates to introduce consumers to fair production conditions and prices, social  program activities from ecological economy, which helps the producers of developing countries.

So the movement contributes to develop the biological diversity,  human rights, global teaching and capacity building too.

Members of Social Association got to know the work and importance of Fair Trade movement for whom the experts of Green Connection Association held a seminar in the intimate club room of Pax Corporis Association on 13th November, 2012.

The aim of the event was to talk about these global problems in Miskolc. In the seminar it  turned out that many people already know fair trade products, mainly the teas, and some cosmetics. But everybody complained that these days they are not available in the city. To replace it, those who took part in the seminar, could taste 12 different teas and coffees, with the help of Green Connection Association.