The School project “Hanover is Trading Fairly“ is being put into dedicated action

The project named “Sustainable Sales Promotion Activities – Hanover is Trading Fairly” is an interdisciplinary, activity-oriented and societal vocational training measure. It is carried out and organised by the retail industry department of Berufsbildende Schule (BBS) Handel Hannover, which is a vocational school for trade and commerce in Hanover. Apprentices for the position of Management Assistant in retail business or for a salesmen position are being made qualified for this project in their classes. They acquire good knowledge and know-how of sustainability, fair trade and customer advice and are then given the possibility to apply their knowledge in practice. Similar to last year, the practical work is carried out in the context of the nationwide Fair Trade week.

Having wonderful weather this year, 89 school groups from 17 vocational school classes visited many different companies and went to both marketplaces and to the city centre in order to advertise fair trade. Prior to this, the groups were familiarized in class with topics such as Agenda 21, the Millennium Development Goals and the principles of fair trade and therefore the pupils were able to give profound background information about Fairtrade and their own commitment to the consumers. Additionally, they acquired knowledge in the field of customer communication, which they could practice in those activities and which they will deepen in their future profession. With joining this project, the vocational school for trade and commerce (BBS Handel) again made an important contribution towards the education of sustainable development.