MDG Reporter


MDG Reporter on tour

Each Local Project Team of Hannover, Miskolc, Poznan Litomerice and Blantyre sent two volunteers to Hannover in July 2011 to visit a workshop about video production and so qualify as MDG Reporter.

The MDG Reporter from the European countries will produce a video documentation in their own town. They will make a survey about the awareness of people for MDGs in general and Fairtrade in particular.

All of them will be connected via email, phone, skype and blogs to the MDG Reporter of Blantyre, who will search answers to European questions on video and recorders. All the results will be documented on this website.

Programm video training (pdf download)

Themes video training (pdf download)

You can find the clips from the MDG Reporter here.


Pavel Vurma, Litoměřice









Katalin Darvas, Miskolc









Tibor Szabó, Miskolc









Jitka Stránská, Litoměřice









Lizwe Maselula, Blantyre









Olivia Mlelemba, Blantyre









Kiên Hoàng Lê, Hannover









Anna Piquardt, Hannover