The eight Millennium Development Goals (which include the principles of the Agenda 21 activities as well as other internationally determined goals settled by the WHO, the World Social Forum, the UNEP an the ILO) serve as the basis for this project. aware&fair addresses administration, consumers, educational institutions, trade (commerce), media, sales representatives and non-governmental organisations.

The UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) resulted from the Agenda 21 and are aiming for sustainable lifestyles as well as for responsible consumer behaviour worldwide. However, because of the goal’s complexity, their contents continue to be hard to mediate to the public.

Therefore the EU announced a program which supports local educational work related to development policy and linked to the MDG’s. The purpose of this support is to make people aware and at the same time to point out specific possibilities for action, like fair trade for example.

This opportunity was taken by the Agenda 21 office in Hanover. With the EU’s financial support and a great network of active partners from different communities and countries this was considered to be a great chance to develop and simultaneously put into action more effective ways of communication and mediation.

The cooperation itself is supposed to strengthen and help improve the education as well as increase motivation. It is expected that intensified relationships between and within the participating cities will be the result of this project. In order to assure this, the project will be carried out by a cooperation between the Agenda 21 office (content related control) and the cultural authorities’ specialized field for city partnerships (contract related and financial control).

The long-term relations with various active Agenda 21 colleagues from Hanover’s partner cities such as Poznan (Poland), Blantyre (Malawi) and Bristol (England) were helpful in the process of gaining them as cooperation partners. Furthermore, Litomĕřice (Czech Republic) and Miskolc (Hungary) were motivated to join the project. Both Eastern European cities have already been involved in the international city network ICLEI for sustainable development for many years.

The participation as well as the commitment of the Eastern European countries to the FairTrade-Town-campagne contributed a lot in the process of gaining the national FairTrade-Associations as important cooperation partners.