aware&fair –  City Games and campaign for local response to the Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals should not be discussed or worked on without bearing in mind their interrelation with other issues such as climate change, environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources (in particular freshwater resources and forest), poverty and hunger, health, biodiversity, globalisation, integration/ migration, child labour, ILO and human rights, education and capacity-building, (municipal) development cooperation.

Supported by the EU Programme EuropeAid , the aware&fair project aimed to address these global challenges in a dialogue between the partners: City of Hanover (Lead City/Germany), City of Blantyre (Malawi), City of Poznan (Poland), City of Litomĕřice (Czech Republic), Transfair e. V. Germany, Polish Fairtrade Association, and many more associate partners and local stakeholders.

Looking at the Fair Trade model (which includes the topics of biodiversity, child labour, human rights in development, global education and Capacity building) and considering its different political, cultural, social and geographical framework conditions, the project tried to create exemplary markets for fair trade products from Malawi (e.g. nuts, tea, rice) in the participating cities. Documentation, reports, pictures etc. are meant to “give a face” to products, producers and methods of production in order to create transparency and to promote fair trade.During the lifetime of the project, the project partners


The overall project objectives are:

awareness-raising and involvement of various stakeholders in society in development issues, esp. Millennium Development Goals and Fair Trade
–  strengthening of city partnerships between local authorities in Europe and Africa through joint activities
–  establishing new partnerships in civil society (e.g. between schools, or CSR partnerships between companies)
–  supporting mutual learning, face-to-face
–  better understanding the MDGs and their complex interrelation
–   changing lifestyles, consumption patterns and policy decisions to responsible consumption, Fair Trade and fair procurement in administrations and companies
–  ultimately: promoting fairer relations between developed and developing countries in order to reduce poverty and improve overall living conditions


The campaign was being built around educational and PR activities such as workshops and lectures for teachers, pupils at secondary schools and university students, but also exhibitions at public buildings, marketplaces, promotion of Fair Trade products among retailers etc. However, these have been complemented by high-publicity activities and events such as African & Fair Trade film week, Fair Trade producers’ tour, “Fair cooking” competitions, table quiz on MDGs, “Fair Tea Party” etc. The partners “competed” and exchanged in the realisation of such events, and the experiences have been recorded, compiled and disseminated by different media. Actors of the city of Blantyre / Malawi give a face to the information provided and actively participated in the activities, helping European citizens to understand the situation in and the complex interrelation of these countries with Europe and the rest of the world. Different documentary movies visualised the approaches and ways to support MDGs in the partner cities of the project as well as others.

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