National Fair Trade Conference in Miskolc

On Tuesday, 11 December, the first National Fair Trade Conference was held in Miskolc.

The event was attended by about 70  participants from all over the country. There were representatives from the biggest hungarian cities (cities with county rank), guests from the University, from schools, from the Chamber of Commerce, from the  public administration,  and people interested in the objectives of the conference. Not miss out NGOs, traders and other active citizens with an interest in responsible shopping.

The main objective of the meeting was to give to the participants an opportunity to gain quality information about the Millennium Development Goals and Fair Trade, that can be used in practice, and create a space for sharing experiences.

The conference was opened by the vice mayor of Miskolc, who underlined the importance of the topic. He also spoke about Miskolc commitment to the Fair Trade movement.

The conference speakers were the well-known representatives of the Hungarian Fair Trade movement.

Some title of the lectures:

  • The Millennium Development Goals and Hungary – what can we do?
  • What is Fair trade – how can we help for the 3rd world producers?
  • The Fair Trade movement in Hungary and in Miskolc
  • Fair Trade Towns – what are they, and how can they promote Fair Trade
  • The city of Miskolc in the „Aware & Fair” project

In the coffee break, and during the lunch the participants could enjoy the tasty fair trade products; teas, coffees, chocolates, cakes.

At the end of the event an interactive dialogue has been established between the speakers and the audience on the conference topics.

At the end of the conference an impromptu poll of the conference participants showed that people support the fair trade  with enthusiasm.

The main organizer of the successful event was the Municipality of Miskolc, but the associated project partners (Védegylet, and the Green Connection Association) also took part in the organization and the implementation of the conference

The conference was organized and implemented with the financial support of the European Union, the Aware & Fair Project.