Models show fair trade clothes right on the square

Models walked red carpet to climb the catwalk situated in front of K.H. Macha Library in Litomerice. They were observed not only by the mayor Ladislav Chlupac but also by the delegation from African Malawi and more than one hundred guests of private view of World of Supermarkets Exhibition, preceded by fair trade clothes fashion show.

The visitors saw a collection of tie-dyed t-shirts. The textiles had been coloured exclusively using natural dyes such as plant or spice extracts. There were also skirts, tops and silk, hand embroidered scarfs. Summer flamboyant dresses were made of bio-cotton that had not been chemically treated, that is hand-picked and therefore offers employment to more people. Chemically untreated cotton grows slower, but its quality is much better. Clothes produced using the „block print“ method, i.e. using a technique of manual cotton printing, were also to be seen. The method is based on revival of ancient woodcarving trade and printing that require precision and dexterity of craftsmen.

Fair trade clothes by Nomads were lent by ONA Fair. The company originated due to the practical need not only to eat fair, but also to dress fair. Fashion show visitors had an opportunity to see models sewn in the north-western part of India, in the area called Rajastan. Despite being designed by Europeans, they displayed elements of Indian origin. Jewels worn by the models were handmade and the revenues from sales help directly the people in poor communities.

The fashion show was followed by the private view of Supermarket World Exhibition, lent from non-governmental non-profit organisation NaZemi. The exhibition offers different views on our shopping. „The aim is to create space that would lead to the realisation that products we purchase have unintended impacts on people and living environment elsewhere in the world.“ stated Marcela Trejbalová, project manager of Municipal Office in Litomerice. Until the end of August people can visit the library to see large-format photographs from African Malawi taken by German photographer Kiêna Hoàng Lê.