Fair Trade and the Mobility Week in Miskolc

Fair Trade products and leaflets are waiting for the guests…

The 10 days long event of mobility week in Miskolc, coordinated by The Ecological Institute Foundation gave a good opportunity for many visitors to get to know the importance of Fair Trade as well as the Fair Trade products available in more and more places in Hungary:

First the journalists and guests of the green press breakfast (15th Sept., 2012.) could choose among the different kinds of teas and coffees from organic farming freshly brewed by the Green Connection Association. It completed the supply of fruits, vegetables and cold cuts which arrived fresh from the organic market of Miskolc.

Secondly, people who visited the mobility week programs organised in Győri kapu (a nice part of the city) could taste the Fair Trade teas and coffees. Here primarily mothers arrived with their children because of the campaign „Expedition in your household” of the network of Environmental Advice Offices. The consultants and visitors could discover eco-conscious solutions in the use of architecture, energy, waste, water, chemicals. The daylong tasting which was organised by Green Connection Association, propagating accessible Fair Trade products with conscious shopping, fit well in this topic.

But the highest number of participants was noted in the evening party followed by the event of the Car Free Day (22nd Sept., 2012.) – the Critical Mass. Two-thirds of the participants of this bike procession (about 500 person) visited „Two-wheeled tea-shop” where the members of the Green Connection Association offered the bikers Fair Trade teas and sandwiches. Nearly 1000 cups of tea and coffee were consumed on this occasion, because the exotic organic teas and coffees aroused the curiosity of almost everybody beside drinking. The visitors took a lot of leaflets till twilight, the offer was very tasty and they left only when the stock of tea and coffee totally ran out.