Encounters – 50 years city partnership Hannover – Blantyre

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the „Hannover-Blantyre“ partnership, an exhibition about this city partnership, possibly the oldest with an African town, was staged in the Town Hall from March 15th – 30th. In addition to historic photographs, current pictures of people in Blantyre were shown as an encouragement.

Special emphasis was put on the following topics:

  • The strengthening the role of women
  • Water supply with the help of water-kiosks / water stations
  • The improvement of education
  • Art and culture

Mayor Bernd Strauch opened the exhibition on March 15th with Dr. Lore Henkel, the initiator of the partnership, Ted Nandolo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blantyre, “Friends of Malawi and city-twinning Hannover – Blantyre Association” (Freundeskreis Malawi und Städtepartnerschaft Hannover-Blantyre e.V.), and other interested visitors.

Afterwards, the guests were invited to join the Agenda 21 plenum, which was devoted entirely to the twinning. Ted Nandolo informed the guests regarding Malawi and its problems, and also showed a short film on the region of Blantyre. The film mainly drew attention to the positive sides of Malawi, but did not conceal the country’s problems either. Matthias Seeler of GIZ also described the situation in Malawi in terms of corruption. Finally, Sylvester Mitini-Nkhoma, Head of the Department of Environment, Culture and Leisure, explained the situation and problems in the areas of administration, waste management, education, and many other topics.