„For a fairer world” – Seminar for teachers in Miskolc

As a final event in the framework of the „Aware & Fair” project, seminars for teachers were held in the Pedagogical Istitute of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in Miskolc. Parallel in 3 groups the teachers – coming mainly from elementary schools – got the „Teacher Training Toolkit” that was made in the framework of the project. The […]

National Fair Trade Conference in Miskolc

On Tuesday, 11 December, the first National Fair Trade Conference was held in Miskolc. The event was attended by about 70  participants from all over the country. There were representatives from the biggest hungarian cities (cities with county rank), guests from the University, from schools, from the Chamber of Commerce, from the  public administration,  and […]

The City Goal-Wall Game serves the awareness raising in Miskolc

The Municipality of Miskolc organized  an interactive city goal wall game to promote the Millennium Development Goals and the Fair Trade Movement in the Sport hall of the Avasi High School on 3. December 2012. In the lively game that involved nearly 200 students and their teachers, the participants roamed around the topics of the […]

Seminar on Fair Trade for the public in Miskolc

Seminar participants

Many people don‘ t know that the average coffee, tea, rice cocoa or cotton based products, consumed in our country every day, go to the shopkeepers by polluting environment, child labor and exploitation of producers, who send them to the shops of developed countries with multiple extra profit. The Fair Trade stimulates to introduce consumers […]

Fair Trade at the Miskolc Fair

For several years  has became a tradition in Miskolc: on the first Sunday of every month to organize a fair in the downtown of the city. The name of the event is Miskolc Fair. On the 4th of November 2012 beside the traditional fairground products also fair trade products were available for people visiting the […]

Seminar for teachers about Fair Trade and MDG-s in Miskolc

The Avasi High School

Miskolc is going to organise the MDG Urban  Game – that is in connection with the promotion of the Fair Trade and the Millennium Development Goals – in framework of the Aware & Fair project, in November, 2012.  In order students participating in the game will have sufficient knowledge about the topics, there will be […]